Comprehensive Dental Care for Children

Kidsteethonly Pediatric Dentistry specializes in oral healthcare for children 0 to 18 years old. 

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At Kidsteethonly it's all about the kids!

Everything from our office design to our specialy trained staff is tailored to the special needs of children.

“Gold Standard” Pediatric Dentistry

We now offer laser frenectomy for tongue-tie and lip-tie release. 

About Us

"I had a wonderful experience at this practice! My daughter had to have a few dental procedures and we tried at a regular dentist but it did not go over well with her. I was nervous before her appointment at KTO but have to say that the Dr. Fusco and staff were so calming and kind that it was the easiest appointment ever! No tears (for me or my daughter)! I feel so grateful to the Dr. Fusco and staff for making what could have been a traumatic experience for my child a very positive, calm experience. I would recommend this facility to all who have children."

"Dr. Norm is great with the kids. He makes being there a little less anxious for kids. He has fun with them and jokes around to make them feel more comfortable. He is also very involved with the community which more businesses should do."

"Just took my daughter to her first dentist appt. This place is perfect for little ones, the decor is kid oriented, making it fun. And to top it off Dr. Mic was wonderful to her and listened to my concerns with suggestions for me."


"The decorations are outstanding and so creative throughout the building. My daughter was so awed. Dr. Micaroni explained everything to my 3 yr old and was kind and animated. He was also thorough with answering my questions and wasn’t rushed or impatient. A great experience!"

"Dr. Norm takes care of my children's teeth. Dr. Norm and his staff put the child and the mom or dad at ease. He uses kid friendly explanations for procedures. My daughter's first visit to a dentist was because of a broken tooth. Dr. Norm took care of the tooth, put on a silver cap and did not scare her. She loves going to the dentist."

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Most parents find the easiest way to get answers and schedule an appointment is going old school and Calling Us